Due to the sensitive nature of many of my engagements and my strict adherence to confidentiality, names have been withheld for most of these testimonials; however references are available upon request.

“Jane understands the issues of physicians and medical staff, is thoughtful, conscientious and skilled at what she does, and she understands the boundaries around coaching. It is clear she has studied hard and comes to the table prepared with strong content knowledge and skill sets. Her physician training comes through in her coaching work -- she has a way of thinking about the client as a patient with the end goal being wellness.”

—President & CEO of a Healthcare System

“Jane inspires you to be the best you can be. She is patient. She listens well. She communicates clearly and evenly. And while she’s not emotional about it, her caring comes across. She helped me re-establish my self-confidence during a time when I was floundering. She gave me just the right tools I needed to be effective. Jane derives her reward in her work when her clients are successful. You can feel that. You can touch it. It’s very apparent.”

—Physician Executive, CMO of a Healthcare System

“Jane has tremendous experience that puts you at ease: she’s done this before and she’s very comfortable in the process. She radiates integrity. She has a real understanding of the human spirit and its strengths and its frailties. Because she is a physician, she understands that we are simply human, and she is able to tap into the areas that we need to perhaps be more sensitive to ourselves in a very careful and respectful way. She also is willing to share her own vulnerabilities and that helps her connect and relate to the people she’s working with. You don’t get the sense that she’s never had a bump or a windy road that she needed to figure out as well. You can tell she’s really invested in helping you do your work better and deeply cares about making a difference. Her interest and enthusiasm is inspiring.”

—CAO of a Large Award-Winning Hospital

“Jane is very warm, personal, and a very perceptive listener-- she is exceptionally tuned into your non-verbal communication. She’s also tough and provocative and brings deep knowledge, tools and context to her work. When you work with Jane, be prepared to have a thought-provoking experience which leads to a more introspective and deeper understanding of your approach.  My time with Jane helped me identify my weaknesses, hone my game, and made me a more complete executive.”

—Executive VP of Large Healthcare System

“Jane understands power dynamics in organizations. She knows what she is looking for, yet is open to new information. She has an incredibly fair, objective mind and is able to internalize everything she’s hearing then sort it with the objective of being helpful rather than being critical. Moreover, her style is uplifting and affirming of both the human condition and the challenges therein. She’s respectful, gentle, firm, and clear-sighted while always focusing on solutions. She delivers unvarnished truth-telling with sensitivity and logic that is commanding and compelling. As a result, she doesn’t appear to have a bias or a perspective other than seeking out the best solutions.”

—David Nygren, Founder Nygren Consulting;
    For-profit and Non-profit Governance and Strategic Consulting

“It’s clear from the get go that Jane has studied long and hard to be an effective coach. She is very organized. She also holds people accountable. You’re not going to be able to pull the wool over her eyes. She is also going to make you actually have to deal with whatever the issues are. Jane helped me with a gap analysis to identify areas to work on to be more successful. I’ve had a pretty steep trajectory in my career, and I owe a lot of it to Jane and her ability to help me develop a plan, stick with it and continuously learn and grow.”

—Physician Executive, Regional SVP Operations in a large Healthcare System

“Jane combines a non-assuming, compassionate approach with an ability to listen, see both sides of the world, and then translate that. She’s compassionate, honest and frank. She’s not afraid of having conversations about the importance of need for improvement. I also appreciate Jane’s experience of being an independent owner of her own company as well as understanding of what it’s like to be a practicing physician. For those of us in the healthcare field who aren’t physicians, it’s good to have an inside track on how they think. Our team has gotten closer as a result of working with Jane and the training, teaching, and coaching that she provided has transferred across multiple settings.”

—SVP & CAO of a large Physician Network

“I hired Jane while I was CEO of one of the largest healthcare systems in the US, and we were looking to maximize the potential of our senior leaders. I went on to work with her on a number of projects including succession planning for my position. Jane did 360 degree interviews on both internal candidates, and, ultimately, sat down with the board of directors alone, without me, to give them her report. I had complete confidence in her ability to put together and present the material to the board. I also greatly respected her ability to create boundaries and a process that respected the confidentiality for all the parties involved.

Jane is a really good listener. She is dialed into getting information and does it in a way that allows people to feel good about contributing. She makes it very clear that she is really paying attention to what is being said and wants to gather not only the words that are being said, but the intention of the words underneath that.”

—Physician Executive, Former President and CEO of a Large Healthcare System

“Jane is a systems thinker who connects the dots from a lot of different areas. For example, she picked a tool that helped me look beyond the “what” and “how” of what I was doing to see the “why” of it. She helped me uncover new levels of understanding of myself that past leadership trainings had missed.

I also appreciate that she’s inquisitive and constantly searching for ways to improve herself.  She’s flexible, unflappable, and she’s creative in her solutions. She has integrity. If she says she’s going to do something, you know she will remember to follow through. Jane also has very high emotional intelligence. She has all the listening skills: reflective listening, summarizing content, and reflecting it back. She reads people’s moods and responds appropriately.”

—Physician Executive – President and CEO of a 200-Physician Medical Group


“Simply put, Jane is somebody I can count on to partner with to do great work with really important clients. She is particularly adept at gathering 360 degree information of her clients’ peers, bosses, and subordinates and translating those perceptions into feedback that enables them to change and improve. That’s a rare skill, and she’s very good at it. She is an intuitive, personable coach. She makes difficult changes a little bit more accessible to people. She also has sophistication and insight in the health care business so very senior people trust her judgment.”

— Rich Doherty, VP of Client Services Right Management Consulting